TC Is Coming To The ATL This Week!


Atlanta was one of the first cities in which we held a TechCrunch Meetup.

Back then, we didn’t have quite as much structure. It was called the “Southeast Mini Meetup Tour”. There was no pitch-off. No program. Back then, Matt looked like this:


But, despite the odds, the fine folks of Atlanta pulled together to give us one of the best events we’ve ever had. We held it at SweetWater Brewery, with food trucks lining the parking lot and a folk band playing at an outdoor stage.


The local radio showed up and did a show around the event, and startups set up tables around the edges to show off their stuff. Over 500 folks showed up. And even though it rained unexpectedly that night, forcing all of us to huddle together indoors, it was one of the greatest nights in TC Meetup history.

This year, we’re coming back…

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