4. iOS Provisioning – Add 4. iOS Provisioning – Add DevicesDevices

4. iOS Provisioning – Add Devices

Already have your Device associated with your Apple Developer Account? You can skip this section.
Choose Your Operating System
Mac OS
You must add all of the devices you want to be able to install your game on during development through the Apple iOS Developer site. Unreal Engine can only launch and install your game to devices associated with your mobile provision profile (created later in this guide).
If you have previously developed iOS applications and have your devices set up, you can skip this step.
  1. Go to the iOS Devices page on the Apple iOS Developer site.
  2. Click the Add button to add a new device.
  3. Select Register Device, enter a name and the UDID for the device and click Continue.
  4. Review the information you have entered and click Register.
Repeat these steps for all devices you want to be able to launch your game on for testing.

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