LinkedIn Buys Careerify To Build Out Its Big Data Recruitment Business


LinkedIn has made another acquisition to build out its big data recruitment business. It’s acquiredCareerify, a startup based out of Toronto, Canada, that focuses on software for businesses to hire people.

Two of Careerify’s products — an employer branding software product (intended to help companies appear more attractive to prospective candidates) and “internal mobility software” (fancy naming for internal hiring software) — are being closed down. But a third product — Careerify’s employee referral software — will remain open to existing customers. However, LinkedIn will not take on any new users.

LinkedIn is not providing any information about whether it plans to revive the first two products that have been sunset, or how it plans to evolve the one that is currently live.

This is an acquisition, not an acquihire, and the company already had some very well known large and small organizations using the product including Good Technology and SunGard.

The referral software developed…

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