To Recall is to Live, Winning Ugly Edition

Caracas Chronicles

teleSUR in English recently had the curtesy to run a hatchet job on me built around this post, from December 2013, which they didn’t have the actual courage to link to. Classy! Reciprocity dictates that I won’t link to their half-literate ad hominem, nor in fact respond to it.

I will, however, repost the 2013 piece which, to my pleasant surprise, has aged pretty decently. (Read it through and you’ll have no trouble grasping why Hegemon Corp. quickly concluded it was not wise to link to it.)

The Post 8D Agenda: Winning Ugly

December 9, 2013 – After yesterday’s local elections, Venezuela finds itself facing an unusual juncture: the next elections, for National Assembly, aren’t due until the second half of 2015. In a normal country that may not feel like a long time, but in a country that’s settled into a rhythm of high-stakes yearly votes, 18-24 months without an election…

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