Steve Moffat: PBS Delaying Sherlock is “Bloody Nonsense”


With news that PBS is losing their Downton infusion at the end of next year, Moffat decided it might be time to pipe up about another show the channel shares with the UK, on the same sort of “delayed” format.


He might have accepted it when it was something everyone was doing, but if there’s not going to be other shows that have ludicrously long delays attached to them because it helps the ratings along, he’d rather them not do that to his show, thank you very much. The two should air simultaneously, or at least as simultaneously as it can, like BBC One and BBC America do with his other show, Doctor Who.

“I really, really do think it should,” he said. “I think it’s absolute bloody nonsense. The audience is not prepared to wait. [Somebody] recently said, ‘If I want something and it’s not available, I think…

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