Consult Carson 6/11: “My top seller is a prima donna. How do I manage them?”

The Life and Times of Carson V. Heady

From today’s mailbag: “I’ve got a top salesperson whose ego is over the top and regularly puts themselves ahead of the team.  It’s very difficult to manage the situation, but I fear living without their sales.  What should I do?”

Carson: Ego in sales is very important, however no one person is more important than the team.  Look at Michael Jordan – unarguably the greatest basketball player of all time.  He had several seasons where he was the best scorer, but he was not getting his teammates involved and they were not winning championships.  When he became the best playmaker as well and the best competitor, the Bulls could not be stopped.

In the end, we can all be replaced.  I’ve replaced and had to replace numerous top producers due to promotions, job movement, attrition and because it was ultimately not a fit for the company.

1. Any time an employee’s…

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