Rihanna Sent Her Fans Free Pizza for Waiting in the Rain
by ashleyhoffman41

Rihanna, who releases a new Rihanna-endorsed thing 75,239 times a week, will probably have loyal fans for a while.

But she’ll definitely always have fans in the concertgoers who got free pizza pies and towels for lining up in the rain at her show Wednesday at Emirates Old Trafford Stadium. Fans posted pictures of the special delivery of pizza boxes they got for braving the soggy weather.

It wasn’t fancy pizza, but it was free and appreciated. Rihsus is known for being totally in touch with populace on social media, which explains why she knew that getting wet while you’re waiting in line in the rain is one of the most challenging experiences a fan could endure.

Earlier Wednesday, the singer promoted Star Trek in a heartfelt video, but if the free pizza was really her move, then this is her best contribution to mankind all day.

    RIH SENT US PIZZA pic.twitter.com/qbdLTOkmQT

    — Ashlyn (@MakeYouMyBitch) June 29, 2016

    RiRi sent pizza 🍕 and towels to fans waiting in Manchester. #ANTIWorldTour pic.twitter.com/sY1uFBIvWs

    — RihannaDaily.com (@RihannaDaily)


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